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Budget chapel of rest public waiting room As many will be aware our Budget Chapel of rest and viewing areas were opened in 1986 by the late great Lord Sir Jimmy Savile O.B.E. since his fall from grace we have removed the opening plaque from the entranceway and placed it in a more fitting location, yes, the mortuary.
We have kept the Jim'll Fix It magic chair which now takes pride of place in our visitors waiting area for use by the public and it's also a great photo opportunity.
It's long been recognised by the Tenpasenta Church that viewing a deceased loved one can aid the grieving process, and even customers on a budget should be given full access to see their deceased loved one at such an important time, this connection to celebrity is a nice bonus at such a sad time.
Budget funerals reception


Budget van at chapel at rest Our Budget chapel of rest viewing areas have been designed around an existing old mortuary facility on the site, this inspired new use has breathed life into this once run-down building.
We operate a unique self-service system, each drawer and body is clearly labelled with the deceased loved ones reference number and name. You will be advised of your loved ones reference number by e-mail or 2nd class post.
We do not advise anyone open a drawer based on surname alone unless it's fairly unique, as kissing the wrong corpse with the right name could prove embarrassing, as poor old Mrs Smith found out the other week.
Body transfer kitIf you were to require assistance in the chapel of rest, our gardener's shed is nearby, go ask him, if he is not there or is unable or unwilling to help, just work it out yourself, it's not rocket science.
Open to the general public daily.
Please photograph only your own dead family member/members, we have been getting complaints of bodies in our care whose photo's have been posted on Facebook and Tinder as a joke. We get the joke but we don't get any royalties, your cooperation is appreciated.
funeral fridge
Bodies in mortuary fridge Mark the vicar in budget mortuary
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This site is not suitable for churchy types


To meet strong public demand we have fully restored our beautiful viewing room.
By viewing your loved one via a window you will benefit by not having to smell a cheaply embalmed body.
As with 10% of our budget funeral service this is a self-service option, one of your family will need to move the body here, or you could ask a member of staff, but we do charge £25 for this.
Please use the hand gel provided after you touch the body, this not only protects you from unwanted infections but helps make the air smell nice. Our cleaning lady tidies up once a week on a Thursday, so between these times can you help by not crapping up the place.
dead relative Viewing room


Our dedicated staff may be on hand to advise you on how to bag up your own dearly departed loved one had you decided to do it yourself.
You will be invited to use our bagging area which is fully equipped with everything you'll need to prepare the body for that final resting place or fiery pyre.
Remember if you're not sure that the person you are bagging is the correct one do not continue, we're getting fed up with having to dig up bodies buried in error by slack relatives, as for de-cremating people...well that's a secret we'll take to our grave.
Embalming Prep room



Due to popular demand, we have introduced a deluxe budget refrigerated resting room for the deceased.
For only £250 extra cash you can have your loved one wheeled into our large refrigerated room for up to 48 hours* (depending on available space).
This service includes bagging up your loved ones personal belongings and possibly return them to you.

*This service is not available to ripe smelling bodies which must be placed in that day's allocated stinker fridge, this will be signposted and probably near a temporary fan or open window.

bodys in fridge
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On busy weeks we use our overflow room, don't worry you can still come and visit your loved one and take a final photo together.
This is a mixed-sex storage area, so if the thought of seeing dead peoples genitals may offend, we suggest you grow up.
We ask that children under five shouldn't visit the bulk viewing area, the sight of lots of dead people decomposing could put them off their chicken nuggets on the trip home.
Please don't post photos of your departed relative on their Facebook page, unless you add the fact it was taken at "Budget Funeral's".
Those who like looking for racist angles on websites will notice that most people of colour don't use our budget funeral service, that's because they may have higher morals
Body viewing area, not for the faint hearted
Tenpasenta Church
jaundiced body Many bodies we receive are severely jaundiced, many making bananas look faded. in such cases we like to use cases of quality skin enhancer before any viewing, we can spruce up your dead relative for only £40 for full body restoration, £60 for Bisto granules.
However, if you wanted them to stay jaundiced we don't blame you as it makes an interesting talking point during and after the funeral.
jaudiced body colouring
Dead person made up for viewing makeup on deceased face reconstruction Want
We can provide a budget makeover for your loved one, essential before a viewing.
Prices start at just £9,99 why not book a makeover for yourself, ideal for weddings or just a night on the town, our makeup professionals like working on faces that can talk back. We did have an old lady that was certified dead wake up screaming, she scared the whole floor shitless, so we stuck her in the freezer for an hour which did the trick.
funeral makeup kit
bodys waiting in fridge

At Tenpasenta Budget Funerals we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of funerary innovation, and our home from home waiting area is admired amongst our profession for its rather unusual customer-friendly approach to storing the deceased.
While your loved one awaits the arrival of your chosen budget coffin, they can be kept in one of our luxurious home from home waiting rooms. Here they enjoy their last hours before burialCryptAdvisor or cremation in surroundings befitting our budget customers.
This waiting room is not accessible to the general public so we have had no opinions as to how closely the decor reflects a typical Southampton council home. The location of our resting areas is a closely guarded secret as we don't want to scare our geriatric patients upstairs.
This is a unique service only for budget funeral customers and has nothing to do with our lack of chilled bulk storage.

Funeral waiting room bodys made into art
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